Build date Commits since last build Installer Zipped bundle Build log
2015-06-06 d75d3d0 - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-after-extraction
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2015-05-27 202a175 - Bind-loss-of-EmbeddedWebView-to-plain-QWidget-hide
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2015-05-19 0c7f82e - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-.desktop-file-always-resolve-ours
70c90a2 - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-after-extraction
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2015-05-12 ee4e9e6 - net-Do-not-keep-reconnecting-on-useless-changes-of-the-current-session
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2015-04-22 651016e - Merge-changes-I90a9e805-Id3d2bf1f
310e71b - Merge-add-throbber-mode-to-Spinner
e3a8cd4 - threading-Overallocate-a-bit-more-space-for-new-arrivals-in-hashes
0f86eb4 - Threading-Reserve-enough-space-for-QHash
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2015-04-10 3d69bc5 - Update-copyright-year-for-Lasse
d320d07 - Use-disambiguation-for-messages-containing-date-format-specifiers
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2015-04-03 08f6fe3 - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-.desktop-file-always-resolve-ours
34d708e - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-after-extraction
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2015-03-23 27a15d8 - Merge-topic-breeze-icons
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2015-03-13 5a8b4ca - Fix-Harmattan-installation
fd00eea - Adding-credits-for-Heiko
2b27523 - Merge-CMakeLists.txt-Allow-configuration-of-DATAROOTDIR
54423b1 - CMakeLists.txt-Allow-configuration-of-DATAROOTDIR
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2015-03-10 8a2496c - Fix-build-with-unreleased-Qt-5.5
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2015-03-04 96a95b8 - Merge-Fix-processing-mailto-URLs
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2015-02-26 af27995 - Fix-more-problems-with-passwords-in-SettingsDialog
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2015-02-25 d18bf66 - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-after-extraction
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2015-02-23 fae83fd - Mark-the-code-as-a-git-version-again
42006d0 - Version-bump-to-v0.5
18e72f5 - Remove-obsolete-file
6ab293b - Fix-OBS-packaging
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2015-02-21 81bb409 - Set-same-name-description-in-trojita.exe-binary-as-in-installer
b2ea8bd - Merge-www-simplify-build-instructions
496becc - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-.desktop-file
35331b9 - SVN_SILENT-made-messages-after-extraction
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2015-02-20 2f6cefe - www-link-to-the-CI-provided-build-for-Windows
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2015-02-19 366a9db - nsis-Use-Unicode-for-a-proper-Trojit
b1d3ab8 - nsis-Fix-installation-path-of-l10n-data
e2273dc - nsis-Fix-builds-when-l10n-files-are-included
4163419 - Merge-cmake-Do-not-show-big-cmake-warning-message-when-QtKeychain-is-not-found
54b7816 - cmake-Fix-DLL-discovery-on-mingw
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2015-02-17 Build ERROR Download
2015-02-16 Build ERROR Download
2015-02-15 1ae8d52 - Enable-Show-message-source-on-attached-messages
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This page holds nightly windows builds for the Trojita Qt IMAP e-mail client.
The builds are shipped with the necessary Qt DLLs to start the Application. Debugging symbols are included in the binaries.

The build process is started every nigth at 23:50 CEST in Cross-Build Linux machine against the current git version with the following software:

A build is only started if there are new commits since the last build!


If you find any errors with the webpage, the installer or the zipped bundle please report it to cd311 in the #trojita channel on the Freenode network.

Bug tracking for Trojita happens in KDE Bugzilla (see list of open bugreports). If you encounter any problem in Trojita, please file a bug. Wishlist items belong to the same place.

Previously, Trojita was using Redmine for bug tracking, and some of the bugs are still tracked in the old tracker.


Trojita's IRC channel #trojita (connect from browser) is hosted on Freenode network.


There's a mailing list at, archived by GMane. To subscribe, write a mail to, posts from addresses which are not subscribed have to wait for moderation. The issue tracker or the mailing list is the preferred way for reporting bugs and requesting features, while the IRC channel works well for general questions.